Sustainable Tourism Development in
the northern part of Cyprus

Training course on Catering Turkish-Cypriot Hotelier Association (KITOB) 27 October – 3 November 2003
Training course on IATA air-ticketing and computerized reservations systems for travel agents Turkish-Cypriot Tourism & Travel Agents Association (KITSAB) 9 February – 9 March 2004 and 3 May – 3 June 2004
Workshop “Managing Hotels through Quality” Turkish-Cypriot Hotelier Association (KITOB) 30-31 March 2004
Conference “Cultural Projects for Development” International Labour Organization (ILO) 15-16 June 2004
Brainstorming Seminar” Achieving Sustainable Tourism Development in the Karpaz area” Management Centre 7-8 October 2004
Sustainable Development Grant Scheme On-going
Seminar on “Protected areas in the northern part of Cyprus: The case of Karpaz region” Management Centre 4 March 2005
Seminar on “the Eco-tourism potential in the Karpaz region” Management Centre 18 March 2005
Introducing ISO 14001 certification for Turkish-Cypriot Hotels 23 March 2005
Training course for front desk hotel staff Turkish-Cypriot Hotelier Association (KITOB) 16 May 2005
German language course for tourist guides Turkish-Cypriot Tourist Guides Association (KITREB) 6 June – 23 September 2005

Cyprus Cultural Map

July 2005
Workshop “How to set up and manage an agro-tourism facility” European Centre for Ecological Agricultural and Tourism (ECEAT) 15 -16 November 2005
Train the Trainers Course for Tourist Guides World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA) 9 -18 January 2006
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