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The Tower of Pyla is an important historical monument in a uniquely mixed village in the Larnaca district. The Tower is situated across from an ancient church of the 13th or 14th century and near the mosque of the village.

Pyla (Piles) was one of the principle fiefs of the Lusignan Kingdom and the Tower is all that remains from the powerful Gibelet family. The Tower constructed of rubble masonry with ashlar blocks has walls that are 7 meters thick and stands near the village square.

The Tower had fallen into disrepair and was in urgent need of restoration. The white limestone material used to construct the monument was highly susceptible to the effects of humidity and weather conditions thus; the Tower suffered from the effects of erosion of the foundation, which had been exposed over many years. The erosion problem caused many other difficulties to the structure of the building including damage to the lintels of the windows. The loss of the flat roof and subsequently the first story wooden floor had left the wall structure exposed to weather conditions, resulting in the loss of flexibility of the plaster.

The Project

The project envisioned a crew from the village working to restore the Tower and preserve their shared cultural heritage. During the project, technical know-how has been conveyed to the local craftsmen in order to better enable proper maintenance of the historical monument.
The main interventions foreseen were:

* General cleaning of the facades
* Replacement of the roof and staircase
* Restoration of the stonework
* Restoration of doors and windows
* Landscaping of the area

The Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the residents of Pyla from the preservation of their shared cultural heritage and the local craftsmen who gained valuable technical knowledge on the restoration and maintenance of a historical monument.

Historical references are taken from "Gothic Art and the Renaissance in Cyprus", Enlart, Camille, translated and edited by David Hunt, 1987.

Photo Gallery: Before restoration, during restoration, after restoration
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