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A brochure on Taking Care of Historical Buildings, released by the EU funded UNDP/UNOPS Programme Partnership for the Future provides suggestions to property owners and others on how to prolong the life of historical buildings. The content of the brochure is based upon the Nicosia Master Plan technical team’s experience and the experience gained through the implementation of the EU-funded Partnership for the Future projects.

The brochure highlights six important areas for the restoration of historical buildings: masonry, plaster and mortar, wood, roofs, architectural metal and openings and structural systems. However, the brochure should not be considered as a comprehensive technical manual, nor does it replace professional services, planning or building permissions.

The brochure is part of an awareness raising effort by the Nicosia Master Plan and UNDP-UNOPS to sensitise the residents of Nicosia to conservation issues and to provide information that enabled them to help preserve Nicosia’s valuable cultural heritage.

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