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The Phaneromeni area was developed around a homonymous square which is surrounded by buildings of important architectural and cultural value, such as the Agia Phaneromeni and the Stavros tou Missirikou churches. Modern shops and offices coexist with the historical Phaneromeni Public Library and Araplar Mosque, an example of mixed Byzantine and Gothic architecture.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Within the Phaneromeni area, there are many listed buildings which have fallen into disrepair despite the fact that they are excellent examples of architecture from the British period.

The proximity of the area to the Green Line was the primary reason for the lack of maintenance and subsequent conditions. However under the Nicosia Master Plan, it was a priority area for urban upgrading.

The Project

The project focused on a specific section of the wider Phaneromeni area which has been selected using criteria of physical condition, architectural merit, potential use and social importance.

Stage 1:

The project focused on general urban upgrading. In particular, it included infrastructure upgrading, improving existing roads, facade restoration of traditional listed buildings and buildings with architectural value, street lighting and partial pedestrianisation.

The works have been completed in April 2004.

Stage 2:

The follow up to the first phase completed within the Phaneromeni area focused on the streets between Phaneromeni Street and 28th October Square. The main goal of Stage 2 was the improvement of existing infrastructure, open public spaces, street lighting, and paving to support pedestrianisation or separation of vehicular traffic from the pedestrian routes. The Stage 2 has been completed in 2005.

All the project interventions complemented the projects conducted in the Omeriye area and  in Ledra Street.

The Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the residents of the Phaneromeni area and all the residents of Nicosia. The urban upgrading of the area yielded significant benefits to the citizens of the city. It also encouraged social and economic development within the context of the conservation of the historic centre of Nicosia.

Photo Gallery (Phaneromeni 1): Before restoration, during restoration , after restoration

Photo Gallery (Phaneromeni 2): Before restoration, during restoration , after restoration

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Phaneromeni II Opening Ceremony
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