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The Market is an important landmark in the Walled City of Nicosia and it is located in the vicinity of the buffer zone behind the Selimiye Mosque. It is almost on the mathematical centre of the Walled City.

It was the first organized food market of Nicosia and represents the focal point of the commercial activities in the Selimiye area. The main area is approx 5,500 sqm in size.

Although the building was constructed at different times, maps that were drawn before 1900 show the location as “Market Place”.

At first it was an open market area, then it became partially closed and in 1932 took its present form.

When it was constructed in 1932 it was equivalent to present day superstores.

Although there aren’t any construction records or drawings of the present building, it is thought to have been built during the British period.

The building is a mixed structure consisting of sandstone, pit stone and reinforced concrete suggesting additions in the course of its history.

The roof is covered with red tiles supported by large wooden trusses. In some parts the wooden trusses are exposed while suspended ceilings rise above the main market area. The Market accommodates different types of retailers such as green grocers, butcher shops, confectionary shops and small souvenir shops. The wholesale area can be found in the east wing of the Market; this causes unsanitary conditions within the Market and traffic congestion outside.

The building and especially the roof are poorly maintained. Primary problems include the condition of the wooden trusses, structural defects, dilapidated windows and doors, above ground electrical wiring and lack of fire prevention system.

The Project

Taking into account the recommendations of the Nicosia Master Plan technical team, a project is currently under preparation.

The primary interventions include structural repairs to the building and to the roof; improvement of the infrastructure, creation of an anti-fire system and provision for an emergency sign system inside the market.

The project for the partial restoration is being designed to minimise disruptions for the shopkeepers.

The implementation of works will commence in a few months time. The project will complement others already under implementation in the Selimiye area.

The Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the residents of Selimiye and the Walled City. However, an improved market will attract all residents of Nicosia.

Photo gallery: Before restoration, during restoration, after restoration,
Inauguration of the Market

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