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The Selimiye area was once the focal point for commercial activities within the Walled City of Nicosia. The traditional buildings in the area housed shops on the ground floor and residential dwellings above. As Nicosia grew into a modern city, Idadi and Efendi Streets became main arteries into its heart. Vehicular traffic increased with trucks delivering goods to the nearby Market complex as well. The narrow, winding streets became congested with cars and trucks and parking became scarce. The lack of parking leads people to clutter the sidewalks and other inappropriate spaces with parked vehicles, blocking roads and streets and interfering with the general circulation and visual perception of the area.

In order to revitalise the neighbourhood, the Nicosia Master Plan team determined that partially pedestrianising the area and constructing appropriate parking should be priority sub-projects within Selimiye. Two empty lots were identified near the Market that can be renovated into public parking. Parts of the area have been pedestrianised with traditional paving materials allowing for safer access for passers-by.

The Project

The goal of the project was to ease the parking situation in the centre of the city and to recreate Selimiye as the hub for commerical activities without losing its traditional characteristics.

  • Infilling of empty lots and appropriate development of parking spaces
  • Partially pedestrianising commercially attractive streets
  • limitation of vehicular traffic and clear separation of pedestrian routes
  • forming linkages with the pedestrian routes in the surrounding areas that are the result of on-going or completed projects
  • improvement of existing paving; provision of additional paving as necessary
  • introduction of appropriate street furniture
  • installation of street lighting
  • erection of street signs and other public facilities

The Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the sub-project are the shopkeepers and residents in the immediate Selimiye area. From the upgrading of the overall area, reduction in traffic and availability of the parking space were obtained. The residents of Nicosia gained from the development of an attractive commercial centre without losing a historical neighborhood.

Photo Gallery: Before restoration, during construction, after restoration

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