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Once the traditional commercial centre of Nicosia, the area of Selimiye has struggled to maintain its role without jeopardising its traditional character. Over the years, infrastructure necessary for modern living has haphazardly permeated the area while Idadi and Efendi Streets have become major thoroughfares for downtown traffic. The Market located in the southern corner of the area attracts consumers from all over the city. The trucks and cars that travel through the winding roads to get to the Market pollute the facades and overwhelm infrastructure built during simpler times. Electricity and telephone lines loom overhead while cars and trucks line the narrow streets and pavements.

The Project

The restoration of the facades and infrastructure along Idadi and Efendi Streets upgraded the environment and the overall image of the project area. The intent of the project was to restore the facades within a historical context, stripping away the modern additions and bringing back the traditional look of the buildings. The upgrading of the infrastructure enabled the residents to enjoy modern conveniences without sacrificing the historical character of their neighbourhood.

The sub-project for restoration of the facades and infrastructure, included:

- Restoration of facades of listed buildings and construction of infrastructure to facilitate underground electricity and telephone lines
- Introduction of street furniture and lights

The Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the sub-project are the shopkeepers and residents in the immediate Selimiye area. From the upgrading of the overall area, reduction in traffic and availability of the parking space were obtained. The residents of Nicosia gained from the development of an attractive commercial centre without losing a historical neighbourhood.

Photo Gallery: Before restoration, during restoration, after restoration

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