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The Selimiye area is in the heart of the historic Walled City. Within its parameters exist the most significant monuments of Nicosia, such as the Selimiye mosque (St. Sophie) originally a gothic cathedral, the Bedestan (St. Nicholas Church), Haydar Pasa Mosque (formerly St. Catherine's Church), Chapter House, ancient Buyuk Khan, Kumarcilar Khan, Buyuk Hamam and from the British period, the Market.

The main artery into the Selimiye area is Idadi Street. It is one of the most important streets inside the Venetian Walls that contains a spectacular collection of residential buildings. Perpendicular to Idadi Street and facing the mosque is Efendi Street which is lined with row houses of Ottoman style adobe as well as stone masonry buildings, belonging to the British period.

The historical buildings in the Selimye area suffered from lack of maintenance and restoration. The existing infrastructure, the aerial electrical and telephone cablings, the inappropriate signboards and awnings have contributed to the environmental deterioration of the area.

Due to the lack of parking, the quarter is congested with cars and trucks. The vicinity of the Market contributes to the traffic problem along the narrow streets. The cultural value of the area is negatively impacted by the pollution and inappropriate use of the space.

A project for the infrastructure and facades of architecturally significant buildings surrounding the mosque was completed in October 2003 by the Partnership for the Future Programme. Other interventions have been defined, such as the creation of a parking space in order to enable pedestrian schemes and the upgrading of the Market in order to revitalize the area.

The Project

The main aim of the Selimiye Project was the complete rehabilitation and revitalization of this Quarter in order to re-establish the area as the commercial and cultural focal point of the walled city for the residents.

In this respect, the Nicosia Master Plan implemented major interventions such as the pedestrianisation of the whole area, provision of parking lots, the improvement of the streets, pavement and infrastructure and the upgrading of the Market, which is the major community facility in the neighbourhood.

The sub-projects identified by the Nicosia Master Plan were:

* Stage 1: Upgrading of Infrastructure and Facade Restoration
* Stage 2: Construction of Parking Lots
* Stage 3: Completion of Infrastructure and Facade Upgrading
* Stage 4: Restoration of the Wholesalers Area of the Market
* Stage 5: Rehabilitation of the Retailers Area of the Market

These urban interventions contributed to recovering the original fabric of Nicosia, thus complementing activities already undertaken throughout the city.

The sub-projects have been prepared by the Nicosia Master Plan technical team with the support of the Partnership for the Future Programme.

The Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries are the residents of the Selimiye area and the surrounding neighbourhoods as well as the residents of Nicosia. It also encouraged social and economic development within the context of the conservation of the historic centre of Nicosia.

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