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Formerly the medieval Augustinian monastery of St. Marie, the Omeriye Mosque has been used as a mosque since the 16 th century and, is located in front of the Omeriye Bath. The Augustinian monastery, built in the 14th century, was one of the three largest monasteries in the city during the Lusignan era, covering an area of six acres with gardens, orchards, a field of wheat and barley, and an important sugar plantation.

At one time, tombs of Luisgnan noblemen were located in the church as the Omeriye area was considered a wealthy part of the city. On the southern side of the mosque is a plot that was used as an orchard and vegetable garden until the middle of the 20 th century.

Before the project, the facades of the mosque and garden suffered from lack of general maintenance. A medieval door on the eastern side was obscured by a pile-up of debris. Modern urban plights such as pollution contributed to the deterioration of the facades. The mosque was also negatively affected by the many industrial workshops along its southern wall.

The Project

After restoring the northern wall of the Omeriye mosque and the wall of the pilgrim hostel, the medieval door on the north-east side was reopened and connected to the rest of the area through a natural stone path. The restoration of the northern facade of the mosque and its garden, together with the paving of the road and the restoration of the Bath re-integrated the previously disjointed historical area.

The overall goal of the sub-project was to restore the Omeriye area as an open public space, one of the few left in Nicosia. With the opening of the medieval door connecting the garden to the square, the area regained continuity while, at the same time, highlighting important historical components. Along with the road sub-project and the restoration of the Omeriye Bath, the mosque sub-project improved the overall environment and image of the area. Since this is a monument currently in use by the inhabitants of the Nicosia, it is all the more important to ensure its longevity and cultural integrity.

The sub-project aimed to restore the northern facade and landscape the garden of the Omeriye mosque and included:

* Repair, clean and restore the northern stonework facades
* Main repair of the lower part of the minaret
* Mosque garden: repair and restore the fence wall with railing, humidity barrier at the base of the Mosque wall and lighting
* Landscape the mosque garden

The Beneficiaries

Apart from the residents of Nicosia, the direct beneficiaries of the sub-project are the users of the Omeriye mosque and the surrounding neighborhood gaining from the overall upgrading and beautification of the area.

Photo Gallery : Before restoration, during restoration, after restoration

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