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Tillirias Street rests between two important monuments, the Omeriye Bath complex and the Omeriye mosque and was selected for rehabilitation based on its location and condition.

The road runs east to west connecting Trikoupi, Piraeos and Patriarch Grigori Streets as well as a short pathway alongside the eastern border of the square leading to the medieval door of the Omeriye mosque. Many modern shops and traditional buildings buffer the road as is typical in the center of the Walled City.

The overall appearance of the renovated area would have been negatively affected by the road in its previous condition. Parked cars congested the length of the road encroaching on the borders of Tillirias Square. As such, passersby were inconvenienced by inadequate pavements and lack of lighting in the area.

The Project

One of the aims of the project was to regain the urban fabric of the Omeriye Area as well as to highlight its important historical monuments. The sub-project works improved the infrastructure of road and add positively to the general appearance of the area by using traditional paving materials such as large stones, granite cubes and slabs.

The sub-project included the following interventions:

* Rehabilitation of Tillirias Street and border of the square, including pavement, road surfacing, provision of bollards, curbs on both sides of the road, lighting and surface water drainage.

The Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the residents of the Omeriye area and the surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as the rest of the residents of Nicosia.

Photo Gallery: During restoration, works completed

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