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The Omeriye area is situated slightly off the central north-south axis of the walled city of Nicosia and is close to the buffer zone. The area was one of the wealthiest parts of the city during the medieval period and remained an area of great cultural and civic importance throughout history. The focal points of the area are the former monastery of St. Marie, presently the Omeriye Mosque and the Omeriye Bath (hamam). Formerly a medieval Augustinian monastery, the Omeriye Mosque has been used as a mosque since the 16 th century. It is one of the most significant monuments in Nicosia and still functions as a place of worship.

*map provided by Nicosia Master Plan

According to historical references, the Omeriye Bath which faces the mosque was constructed in the late 16th century. The complex was still in full use as a community bath however due to extensive restoration plans, it was closed August 2002 and the start-up of the works began in December of the same year. The restoration works were completed in October 2003 and an opening ceremony was held on 23 October 2003; the Bath has been re-opened to the public. (more info on Opening Ceremony) .

Before the start up of the works, the Omeriye area was completely disjointed with no ties between its main historical landmarks. The goal of the sub-project was to visually and physically connect the Omeriye Bath complex obscured by inappropriate buildings, and the Omeriye Mosque and its garden which was cut-off from the square. The oversized road contributed to the separation of the area into two parts.

The EU-funded/UNDP Partnership for the Future Programme, in collaboration with the Nicosia Master Plan, recently completed a project for the upgrading of the Omeriye area. Taking into account the Nicosia Master Plan framework, sub-projects were identified.

The sub-projects identified in the area were:

* Stage 1: Road rehabilitation and resurfacing and upgrading of infrastructure (Tillirias Street)
* Stage 2: Restoration of the Omeriye Bath complex and the open space surrounding
the historical monument

* Stage 3: Restoration of the north facade of the Omeriye mosque and landscaping of its garden

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Omeriye Posters and Leaflets
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