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*map prepared by PFF Intern Anne-Sophie Trasbot

Partnership for the Future- Rehabilitation of Old Nicosia, is part of an ongoing programme for the refurbishment and revitalisation of the old city of Nicosia.

It aims at implementing a strategy for the conservation, revitalisation and development of the proposed areas within the framework of the Nicosia Master Plan, thus promoting the reintegration of inhabitants.

The targeted pilot areas have been suffering from the sharp decline in resident population, which in turn dramatically accelerated the decay and deterioration of buildings and the overall environment.

This integration process will also contribute to the revitalisation of the surrounding areas, through private initiatives and commercial activities, as well as heritage protection

A very large number of projects are identified under the Nicosia Master Plan.

More specifically, the outputs of the project will contribute to the recovery of the original fabric of Nicosia, thus complementing activities already undertaken in the city.

The Programme is articulated in Phases.

So far the following Phases have been funded by the European Union through UNDP/UNOPS

Partnership for the Future- Rehabilitation of Old Nicosia:

The First Phase of the Programme is focused on the two main areas of Nicosia: Omeriye and Selimiye.

The Second Phase is focused on the Phaneromeni and Samanbahce areas.

The Third Phase of the Programme is focused on the completion of interventions in Omeriye and/or Phaneromeni areas and the restoration of the Market in the Selimiye quarter.

The Forth Phase of the Programme is focused on Phase 2 of the urban upgrading of Phaneromeni area, and the restoration of Bedestan in the Selimiye area.

The main interventions in the selected areas currently under implementation are:

-Improvement of urban infrastructure and of the public and semi-public spaces including development of parking areas (Omeriye, Selimiye, Phaneromeni and Samanbahce areas);

-Preservation and restoration of the buildings of architectural and historical value (Selimiye and Phaneromeni areas);

-Upgrading of community facilities (Omeriye and Selimiye areas)

-Revitalisation of different neighbourhoods (Phaneromeni and Selimiye areas)

-Restoration of monuments (Omeriye area).

Restoration works have been completed in the Omeriye and Selimiye areas and are about to start in the Samanbahce and Phaneromeni areas.
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