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Supporting organic agriculture within the Turkish-Cypriot Farming Community

Organic farming: EU certification process and perspectives for Turkish-Cypriot farmers International Federation of Organic Farmers Movements (IFOAM) 15-16 December 2004
Training course on EU certification process on organic farming International Federation of Organic Farmers Movements (IFOAM) 14 February – 7 March 2005
Training course on organic olive-culture International Federation of Organic Farmers Movements (IFOAM) 14-16 March 2005
Seminar on Marketing and Tasting of Organic Olive Oil Turkish-Cypriot Organic Farming Association (ORYAT) 21-22 September 2005
Workshop on “how to tackle the problem with pesticides and diseases in organic farming in accordance with the EU legislation” Turkish-Cypriot Organic Farming Association (ORYAT) and Turkish Organic Farming Association (ETO) 10-11-12 October 2005
Agricultural Development and Diversification Grant Scheme   On-going
Introducing EU organic farming certification to Turkish-Cypriot Farmers ICEA On-going
Seminar on EUREPGAP Certification Process EUREPGAP 13-14 December 2005
Seminar on Organic Livestock ETO 20-21 December 2005
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