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A drawings competition was held on July 24th 2012 in the village of Kythrea/Degirmenlik in the northern part of Cyprus to choose the logo of a new EU funded and UNDP-PFF implemented project for a greener area in the community. The competition was organised by the Kythrea /Degirmenlik Environment and Promotion Association (Degirmenlik Tanitma ve Koruma dernegi) in partnership with UNDP-PFF, and attracted more than 30 primary school children aged 8 – 10 years.

The contest was dedicated to the Değirmenlik / Kythrean Sage (Salvia veneris) – an endemic plant found in the area, currently very rare and endangered. For many of the participating children this was the first step in the discovery of interactions and connections between people and nature and the acquisition of new environmental consciousness.

Through games and learning activities children learned about how their local community is being affected by deforestation and found out what everyone can do to help preserving the unique flora of their area.

The organization of such kind of contests, contributes to a more active and responsible involvement of the local communities.

The activity was organized within the framework of the EU funded project aiming to decrease the threats of erosion in the Kythera/Degirmenlik area caused by recent intensive deforestation and creating a 5.000 m2 recreational area used by 12 villages within the local community.

Find out more about this project here!

Winning drawing and new logo of the project
"A greener area for the community in Kythera/Degirmenlik"

Click here see more photos of the event!

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