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A Greener Area for the Community in Kythrea/Değirmenlik


Located 15 km northeast of Nicosia, this village is the largest of a half a dozen mud-brick villages that characterize the district. Until the last century, it had a vital strategic role for the northern part of Cyprus due to its wind mills and large production of flour. Today it’s a quiet and traditional farming village surrounded by natural resources and wonderful landscapes.

Unfortunately, unregulated deforestation plans carried out in recent years have caused significant ecological damages and threats to the environment, raising concerns on the impact that increased erosion may have on the local communities.

The project aims to address these environmental issues with a participatory approach and ensure local ownership for the protection of the environment.

The project:

The project focuses on decreasing the threats of erosion in the area caused by recent intensive deforestation and creating a 5.000 m2 recreational area used by 12 villages within the local community.

A botanic research was conducted and 32 plants were identified. Of these, 4 are endemic in Cyprus and one – the Değirmenlik / Kythrean Sage (Salvia veneris) - is endemic for the Kythrea/Değirmenlik area.

This specie is very localized, very rare and endangered and since 2006 listed in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

Two public events – one targeting children from the local primary school, and one for local farmers, authorities and local residents, have been conducted in July 2012 to raise awareness within the local community on the plants that constitute the local endemic flora and their protection.

Re-forestation is also being planned in the area to decrease the threat of erosion whilst providing a green area for the villagers to enjoy for recreational purpose.


- A detailed digitized map of the area showing specific location of clusters of plants;
- A map with information on recommended hiking plants trails;
- Communities of sixteen villages and their visitors make use of a landscaped green area for social and recreational purposes;
- The greened area and its surroundings are secured from the farmers burning stubble and letting their animal graze uncontrolled;
- The young generation are equipped with knowledge and awareness to preserve the environment now and in the future;
- Village communities obtained experience in cooperating with local stakeholders and participating in activities to create solutions for common problems.
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