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The Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in Cyprus

Established in April 2008, the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage is dedicated to recognise and protect the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the island.
The Committee is supported in its work by an Advisory Board composed of archaeologists, architects, art historians and town planners from both communities. All its programmatic decisions are taken in line with the agreed principles and the task attributed by the two Leaders.

The Cultural Heritage Technical Committee believes that it is the primary responsibility of the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots to protect the endangered cultural heritage of the island, and that it is important for these monuments to be preserved not only because they are important symbols for the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots, and for humanity, but also because they have intrinsic values in themselves” (Press Statement of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage 06/05/2009).

The mandate

Preservation of the cultural heritage of Cyprus

The Committee works to provide a mutually acceptable mechanism for the implementation of practical measures for the proper maintenance, preservation, physical protection and restoration (including research, study and survey) of the immovable cultural heritage of Cyprus.

Education is central to the mission of the Committee. The Committee actively works to create an educational interactive programme that gives the opportunity to the younger generation of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots to learn about each other and the cultural heritage of the island.

UNDP support to the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage

Study of Cyprus Cultural Heritage
In 2009 the Committee agreed to compile a study of the immovable cultural heritage of Cyprus. This European Union funded study was realized in 2010 thanks to the support of the United Nations Development Program – Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF). The study resulted in the compilation of a list of more than 2300 cultural heritage sites, the preparation of around 700 inventory charts including historical background, pictures, topographical details and architectural sketches of each monument, and the carrying out of 121 technical assessments, analyzing the current conditions of the monuments, and restoration costing needs.

Emergency interventions on Cultural Heritage sites in Cyprus

The Study conducted in 2010 resulted in the identification of a list of 10 cultural heritage sites throughout the island in need of emergency measures.

Thanks to EU funds, and the continued support of UNDP-PFF, a decision was made in 2012 to carry out emergency interventions in the following sites:

Denia / Denya Mosque

Philia/Serhatköy Profitis Elias Church

Komi Kebir / Büyükkonuk Agios Afksentios Church

Kalograia / Esentepe Melandrina Church

Syrianochori / Yayla Agios Nicolaos Church

Mustafa Pasha Mosque - Famagusta

Çherkez Mosque – Phasouri / Çerkez Çiftliği

Kato Paphos / Aşağı Baf Bath

Trachoni / Demirhan Panagia Church

Evretu / Dereboyu Mosque

The project of “Services for the Survey, Investigation, Assessment and Project Designs for the Othello Tower/Citadel” is also being carried out thanks to EU funding and UNDP-PFF support. The project will be followed by emergency works on this important monument.

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