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Tremetousia / Erdemli: urban upgrading


Once site of one of Richard the Lion Heart’s victories during the Crusades, this is now a modern village with few open spaces available for community activities.
The project aimed to: i) rehabilitate a cemented area and turn it into a green open-air public space for social and community activities; ii) upgrade and restoration of the facades of the historical buildings overlooking one of the old street of the village.

The project:

The project focused on two main activities:

1) Urban upgrading of the city center by:
i) Minimising the traffic load in the city center through pedestrianisation or slower traffic circulation in the area and allow traffic only for service facilities;
ii) Face-lifting of historical buildings’ facades.

2) Rehabilitation of the main square by:
i) Paving the area with local traditional stones;
ii) Create a green area for social activities;
iii) Create a play-ground for children;
iv) Maintenance and upgrading of the public traditional fountain and construct new public toilets;
v) Re-plant and establishment of shading elements.
vi) Restoration of a traditional coffee shop as well as provision of new equipped kitchenettes, characteristic furniture and accessories.

  • New green open spaces have been created to enhance community and social activities in the village.

Press releases

Photo Gallery

Click here to see the photos of the project completion ceremony!
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