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Kormakitis / Kormacit: restoration of the old school and conversion into a community center

This is one of four traditionally Maronite villages existing on the island. Upon request of the local community, and thanks to EU funds, in 2009 UNDP-PFF started the works for the rehabilitation of the village primary school into a new community center.

The project
When the project started, the physical and structural conditions of the school were such to require an intense intervention and the use of strengthening methodologies to protect the building from future threats.
The structural works included extending the building to create new functional space and allowing the access of persons with disabilities.
The community shared some of the expenses of the project, such as the installation of staircases, and the restoration of the courtyard.


-The cultural center today offers language courses, and host other cultural activities aiming at preserving the Maronites' unique culture, language, and history in Cyprus.

-The building also hosts a folkloric museum displaying a collection of items representing the local culture and the daily life of the residents of the village in the past century. The museum is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm / Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm!

-The Maronite community will now take the lead in continuing the restoration of other sections of the village, and in particular for the funding of the interventions necessary for the upgrading and rehabilitation of the school’s courtyard.

Press Release
11.02.2012 - Kormakitis (Kormacit) / Koruçam new cultural center inaugurated

Click here to watch the video of the inauguration ceremony!

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