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Restoration of the old school and conversion into a cultural and community center


This is a small traditional village located in the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula, in the northern part of Cyprus. The project for the restoration of the old school in Galinoporni/Kaleburnu is a good example of an EU funded and UNDP-PFF implemented project aiming at preserving and protecting monuments and buildings of historical and cultural significance for the local communities.
This restored three-room school building dates back to the British colonial period and was lying in an abandoned and unsecure state when renovations started in 2010.
The project focused on the restoration and rehabilitation of the old school for use as a community cultural center.

The project:

Before renovation, the school was falling into disrepair; the flooring, ceiling, windows and doors were deteriorating but the overall structure was still usable. (Click here to see photos of the building before renovation).
The restoration works addressed all of these problems, and converted the building into a new multi-functional space suitable for exhibitions, cultural events, workshops and, most importantly, new meeting space for the community living in the village. (Click here to see photos of the building after renovation).

The renovated community cultural centre maintained the structural characteristics of the original building, with its three classrooms and large surrounding garden. An access ramp has been placed at the entrance to facilitate the use of the building by persons with disabilities and elderly people.


Today one of the old classroom hosts a local artist’s studio and exhibition space, while the other two are used by local women participating in income generating projects like handicrafts workshops and trainings.
The products of these trainings (handmade fabric bags, cell phone cases, and other accessories designed using traditional Cypriot handicrafts techniques) are for sale in a dedicated showroom.
Women empowerment, community development and cultural heritage preservation: together under the roof of the new Galinoporni/Kaleburnu Cultural and Community Centre.

Press releases

27.04.2013 Rebirth of the old school of Galinoporni/Kaleburnu: an opportunity for cultural activities

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