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Komi / Buyukkonuk: eco-village


This location is quite unique in Cyprus in that it has been declared an “eco-village” and is listed in the Global Eco-Villages Network (GEN). In recent years the village has benefited from a number of projects funded by a variety of donors to enhance its eco-village dimension.
The EU-funded UNDP Partnership for the Future Programme, has selected this village as a pilot site to promote sustainable rural development and protect the Cypriot village lifestyle, culture and traditions through the promotion of eco-tourism.

The project:

The project consisted of providing solar lightings in the Public Square and streets to save on solar energy. It also set up a system of rainwater collectors for public buildings which can be used for gardening and other purposes during the dry period. For private households a mulching machine was lent out to the households to produce mulch for their gardens and fields.
Each household has been contributing with the cost for the petrol in order to run the machine. Also, provided to 14 households were home composters. A local home composting specialist was contracted in order to provide training to the households and assist them during the initial period of their own production of compost.
  • Awareness has been raised amongst villagers and visitors alike about the impact that small changes in our daily routine can have on the environment and the quality of our lives.
  • A brochure with eco-friendly tips for reducing water and energy consumption has been printed and distributed amongst householders and within public venues, schools and cultural centres. The brochure included explanations on water saving tools such as taps aerators to reduce water consumption.

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