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Kampyli / Hisarkoy: urban upgrading


The village lies 10 km inland on the northern coast of Cyprus. Situated 250 m. above sea level the village and its inhabitants face frequent shortages in water. The supply arrives at an uneven rate of pressure with consequential pipe bursts and leakages. Moreover, many of the historical buildings overlooking the city-centre had suffered from neglect over recent decades. The project aimed to modernize both the water system and the urban pattern of the village’s main square.

The project:

The first phase of the project focused on the improvement of the water system, which included the replacement of the 50-year-old galvanized water pipes, measuring a length of 4.5 km, as well as the repair of house connections. The project also incorporated the creation of three water zones, installation of control valves, a bulk meter by the water reservoir and two fire hydrants.

The second phase revolved around the village square. New natural local stones were placed in the old village square and along the main road of the village. The local stones used to repave the area acted as traffic control increasing the square’s accessibility to pedestrians. As a result, the square gained informal recognition from visitors and locals as the new meeting point of the village. Outdoor public furniture – such as benches, bins, as well as shading elements in front of the two coffee shops – was also provided.
The façades of local shops and houses were renovated and modern value added to the traditional style.

Update! > A new coffee house
In April 2012, two years after the completion of the project, and on the occasion of the annual Orchard Festival, UNDP-PFF joined the people of the village to celebrate the opening of a newly restored coffee house. UNDP-PFF and the European Union have contributed to the opening of this coffee house by supplying the necessary furniture, exhibition materials, and photos, while the local partners provided traditional costumes and decorations that helped recreate the traditional touch of the coffee house as it was at the beginning of the century. Click here to see some photos!


  • 100% of the villagers interviewed during the evaluation of the project said that the project had benefited the village and brought improvement to the quality of their life;
  • Over 200 residents can now enjoy a constant water supply by uniform pressure and without disturbance related to any loss or leakage;
  • The upgrading of the public sphere brought more social collectiveness to the village, beautifying it while maintaining the architectural pattern as a traditional village;
  • The village can now be viewed as an example from among villages seeking to preserve the tradition and originality of their infrastructures, whilst upgrading them in accordance with modern standards and usage.

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Completion of Urban Upgrading Project in Hisarkoy/ Kampyli

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