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Upgrade and rehabilitation of Lefka / Lefke’s historical centre

This town is located in the north-western part of Cyprus in an area rich in natural resources. Because of its strategic geographical position, in between Troodos Mountains and the west coast of Cyprus, the town was conquered by the Venetians first and the Ottomans soon after. The Ottomans in particular, put great emphasis on this town, building new infrastructures, houses and mosques, and leaving behind them a precious cultural and architectural heritage. In recent years, the presence of large copper and mineral mines prospered the city that now stands at a critical juncture between its glorious past and the future. Under the project “Upgrade and rehabilitation of the village historical centre”– in 2008 and 2009, a series of urban upgrading and rehabilitation interventions were implemented.

The project:

This project – operational as of January 2011 - aimed to revitalize the town’s centre and make it an attractive place for both locals and visitors.

The facades of the main historical buildings, including shops, offices and residential houses, have been  rehabilitated by the project.

Great importance has been given, throughout the project implementation, to the preservation of the town’s economic and social values as well as, most importantly, to the respect of the traditional urban patterns through the combination of contemporary techniques with traditional materials.

The project also included: i) the construction of sidewalks along the shopping area; ii) the renewal of the lightening system; iii) the abolishment of landscape degradation.


  • The project actively promoted measures to allow the town to achieve further economic, social and environmental enhancements in the near future;
  • It has identified and rehabilitated a number of sites for new commercial developments and other community development activities;
  • It has improved not only the daily life of the residents, but also the overall tourist appeal of the city;
  • It is expected that in the future the project, will see a more proactive approach taken by the local stakeholders who have already planned the construction of cabling works for the entrenchment of electrical services and the planting of new trees.

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