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Vacancy Announcement UNDP/PFF/01/09 - Home Composting Specialist

Duty Station :
Type of Contract :
Languages Required :
Starting Date :
(date when the selected canditate is expected to start)
Duration of Initial Contract :
Expected Duration of Assignment :
31 October 2009
The UNDP Patnership for the Future Programme (PFF), funded by the European Union, aims at contributing to the peace building process in Cyprus through different levels of intervention ranging from Urban Infrastructure and Rehabilitation to assistance to small and medium sized enterprises. As activity related to Urban Upgrading, UNDP-PFF intends to promote home composting practices in the northern part of Cyprus starting with a pilot project in one settlement. Therefore UNDP-PFF is looking for a consultant capable to carry out awareness and introduce the local population to the production and utilization of home composting.

Description of Responsibilities :
The Home Composting Specialist will undertake the following tasks working at his/her home office and in Cyprus;
1. Prepare technical specifications for home composters to be purchased by UNDP-PFF through a different supply contract;
2. Organize a seminar for selected households (and/or other local actors) in order to explain how to make compost;
3. Assist in the installation of the composters and the beginning of the filling up by the households;
4. Assist the selected households during the production of composting and assess the quality of compost produced (at least one visit every 2 weeks for a period of 4 months are foreseen);
5. Preparation of a booklet on what is the compost and how to make the best compost according to local situation (temperature, humidity, wastes, etc.). The booklet will include also explanation on how to build a handmade composter and a special plate to be set on the composter to provide visual information on what to put and what not to put inside the composter. The printing of the booklet will be done by UNDP-PFF through a separate contract.
The awareness material will be prepared in English and approved by UNDP-PFF before printing. Costs for printing and translation in Turkish language will be cover by UNDP-PFF separately.
The pilot project will be implemented in a settlement in the northern part of Cyprus. The selection of the households will be carried out during the implementation of the assignment. The timing of the specific activities will be coordinated together with UNDP-PFF.
The Home Composting Specialist will produce a Final report (in English). One copy of this report in hard copy and an electronic version shall be submitted by mail to the contact person of UNDP-PFF not later than 2 weeks after the end of the assignment. The report shall include a brief description of the activities implemented during the assignment and copy of the material produced (booklet, pictures, etc.).

Competencies :
  • Diligence, attention to critical details, capacity to dialogue with public and engage them in participatory activity.
  • Skills in training.
  • Ability to apply experience and skills to ensure delivery of services responsive to the tasks.
  • Excellent drafting and presentation skills.

Qualifications :
The Home Composting Specialist must fulfill the following minimum requirements:
  • Degree in Agronomy, Environmental Science, Engineering or other similar relevant discipline at least 10 years of experience in sectors related to compost production (agronomy, environment, etc.) and environmental public awareness.
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing home composting pilot projects and campaigns;
  • Fluent in English
  • Previous work experience in Cyprus is an asset
  • Preferably EU citizen
Quotation :
The applicant is requested to provide an estimated amount of man-days necessary to implement the assignment and a quotation for man-day fee in Eur. During on site work, for applicant based out of Cyprus only, DSA will be provided at Official UN rates. Also travel costs (flight tickets and terminal expenses) will be covered by UNDP-PFF.
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