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5 August 2004, Pyla Tower

21 July 2004, Pyla Tower

17 June 2004, Pyla Tower

27 April 2004, Pyla Tower

22 March 2004, Pyla Tower

13 May 2004, Phaneromeni area

5 May 2004, Samanbache, Market, Bedestan

10 March 2004, Phaneromeni area

3 March 2004, Samanbahce, Market

28 January 2004, Omeriye, Phaneromeni, other NMP

15 January 2004, Samanbahce, Selimiye areas

18 February 2003, Samanbahce, Selimiye areas

18 February 2003, Omeriye, Phaneromeni areas

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